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The Shooting Machine Reinvented

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The Smart Machine - Basketball Shooting Machine






Easier to Use

Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machine App

Get Connected

Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machine connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth technology.

  • Instantly share workout results with coaches. No more paper tickets!
  • Get instant analytics right on your smartphone!
  • Track progress towards long term goals
  • Save workouts to the cloud with the push of a button!

Intuitive Controls

Designed with you in mind Dr. Dish is pushing the boundaries of what a basketball shooting machine is!

  • Scrolling text tells you exactly what to do
  • See shooting percentage by location real-time during the workout
  • Set workout goals to push your players to the next level
  • Programmable – locations, balls per location and time between passes
Basketball Shooting Machine - Dr. Dish LCD Screen
Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machine Database

Training Intelligence

Use metrics gathered by Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machine for insight on how to win more games!

  • All new easy to use coaches dashboard
  • View your teams stats on any device
  • Find your players hot spots
  • Force accountability in the off season

Game Speed

Push the pace of practice with Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machine Intensity Tracker

  • Know who’s doggin it
  • Assess fitness level by recovery time
  • Know what intensity your players shoot best at
  • Push players to train at game speed even when you’re not in the gym
Heart Rate Monitor - Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machine
Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machine Speaker System

Listen Up

Let Dr. Dish play your music with an integrated speaker*

*Optional accessory

Train the Inside Game

Twice the training opportunities of other basketball shooting machines.


  • Move away from the basket for game-like passes
  • Trains the perimeter shooters as well as the inside game
  • Imagine what 1000’s of extra finishing reps would do for your program
  • Patented net system allows the net to be turned 180 degrees
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Don’t fall behind

Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machines offer world class design and engineering. Get peace of mind knowing you’re on the leading edge of training technology.




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Dickie V - Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machine Review

“Dr. Dish gets it right… they’re awesome baby!”

-Dick Vitale, Basketball Icon


Director of Player Development, Memphis Grizzlies

“The efficiency that the Dr. Dish machine provides throughout a shooting workout is UNMATCHED by the competitor.”


Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Creighton University

“Dr. Dish has made profound leaps in training technology.”  



Basketball Program Manager, IMG Academy

“When we upgraded to Dr. Dish machines, the superior versatility and functionality was immediately apparent.”