Basketball technology | Are you falling behind the training curve?

In this Basketball technologyfast paced world we live in, there is always another cutting edge technology being brought to market. How am I supposed to keep up I often think…. Just last fall I bought an iPhone and, sure enough, 6 months later the next version is launched. I’ve come to accept this though. Without the constant innovation from companies both large and small the world would not be what it is today.

You might be wondering, how does this apply to my basketball training habits? In recent years basketball shooting equipment and technology have come together. Take the 94 Fifty smart basketball. This ball connects to your smart phone and will tell you everything about the shot you just took. Or there’s the Shot Tracker app. This system tracks how many shots you’ve taken and made with a sensor attached to the net of the hoop and a body worn sensor on your arm.

Well what if you want to get up more reps? It’s great to know how your shooting and what you can do better, but how do I improve based on this information and fast? I mean basketball seasons not that far away!

In come the basketball shooting machines, or as some people call them shooting guns. There are 2 models that I know of and I happen to work for one of them. There’s the Dr. Dish and The Gun. The Gun has been around since 1999 and is a great product for getting up lots of reps, but has remained mostly unchanged since that time. The Dr. Dish has been around since 2003 and allows for massive reps in the same way.

The big take away for me is that the Dr. Dish (with help from myself) has tried its best to stay on the leading edge of technology as hard as that sometimes is! Most notably with a recent addition of bluetooth connection to your smart phone. With an app that shows you your shooting workout stats and a database that shows your metrics over time to help coach win that next game!

In the end it always comes down to the technology. Capturing a ball with a net system and passing it back to you was cutting edge back in 1999, but today its not rocket science. Today that’s the easy part. The hard part is keeping basketball training technology that’s integrated it in a shooting machine ahead of the curve for coaches looking to gain an edge.

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