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Let us help you raise the money you need to get the Dr. Dish Advantage

Our Fundraising software can help raise the money you need to train SMART.

Toss out the letter

Forget the letters, stamps, and addresses. Losing checks and chasing money are a thing of the past. Use this online event to round up support from close friends, family and fans. Donors can contribute electronically (credit card or PayPal), by mail or by phone. Our software tracks all player activity and sends a personalized thank you note and receipt to all donors.

Our online strategy is simple

We design an eye-catching fundraising page built around your group’s look and feel. Parents and players join in to customize their page in minutes. Then our software takes control and keeps score.

Participants join via email

Our “All-In” concept is based on the belief that there is strength in numbers. With our platform, players and supporters can go All-In and contribute to their Dr. Dish campaign. It’s quick, painless, secure and super effective.

Track progress from your phone

Coaches, staff and fundraising coordinators can track, manage and view progress in real time, right from their phone. It’s like watching from the stands—you can see everything! Your secure dashboard will tell you who’s in the game and who’s on the bench.

Nothing is more effective

Parents don’t buy anything, players don’t sell anything. There’s no up-front cost or minimum number of players. Campaigns are designed to last 30 days, and all players are encouraged to join within the first 10 days for best results.

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