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What The Pros Are Saying

“Our coaching staff loves using our Dr. Dish machines during workouts and I’ve never seen our players use our shooting machines more than when we upgraded to Dr. Dish.”

Roy Williams

Head Men's Basketball Coach, University of North Carolina

“As the game becomes more analytical, we’re always looking at ways to innovate. Dr. Dish gives us data and analytics to improve faster than ever.”

Mike White

Head Men's Basketball Coach, University of Florida

“The ability for Dr. Dish to provide high-repetition training for our guards AND post players made it the obvious choice for us.”

Billy Kennedy

Head Men's Basketball Coach , Texas A&M

“I want to continue to give my coaching staff and players the opportunity to maximize their potential. Our Dr. Dish shooting machine has helped our coaches efficiently and effectively track player progress and our Dish gives us another edge in training and player skill development. Dr. Dish is the real deal!”

Scott Drew

Head Men's Basketball Coach, Baylor University

“Dr. Dish continues to push the boundaries of basketball and technology with Skill Builder. This is an extremely valuable tool for any high school, college, or professional team looking to accelerate their skill development through measurable progress.”

Jim Larranaga

Head Men's Basketball Coach, University of Miami

“Dr. Dish Skill Builder develops more than just shooters. It helps us develop complete and versatile players as we incorporate ball-handling and performance drills as well as shooting.”

Mick Cronin

Head Men's Basketball Coach, University of Cincinnati

“I’ve been coaching a very long time and I have seen the game of basketball change in many different ways. Successful coaches understand the importance of their own coaching principles, but also understand that adding valuable training tools like Dr. Dish shooting machines can provide the detailed feedback and skill development we are looking for.”

Tubby Smith

Head Men's Basketball Coach, University of Memphis

“The ability to incorporate individual, group, and team drills on a shooting machine was big for us. Not to mention being able to work on shooting, advanced ball-handling, post training and more. Dr. Dish was definitely an upgrade for our program.”

Larry Krystkowiak

Head Men's Basketball Coach, University of Utah

“One size does not fit all when it comes to training individual players. With Dr. Dish Skill Builder, I can now tailor specific workouts to my guards, forwards, and post players.”

Tad Boyle

Head Men's Basketball Coach, University of Colorado

“Dr. Dish is an excellent skill development resource that provides our players with the opportunity to improve shooting in an effective and efficient way.”

Josh Pastner

Head Men's Basketball Coach, Georgia Tech

“As the game continues to evolve, it’s essential for our skill development program and training equipment to evolve as well. Dr. Dish has been a tremendous addition to our team for accelerated player improvement. The technology, versatility, and ease of use has allowed us to get better in multiple areas of the game.”

Jamie Dixon

Head Men's Basketball Coach, Texas Christian University

“Dr. Dish is definitely an investment I would recommend coaches make. The game continues to change and players are eager to get better. Our Dr. Dish shooting machine keeps the players accountable and gives them the opportunity to get that extra work in everyday!”

Nikki Fargas

Head Women's Basketball Coach, Louisiana State University

“Between the analytical data and the ability to use the machine as a passer on the perimeter, Dr. Dish is the best game-like training tool I use with my players.”

Drew Hanlen

NBA Skills Trainer, Pure Sweat Basketball

“Dr. Dish is the best tool for getting game speed shooting drills. This is the best way for players to be help accountable for the way they workout.”

Bob Hurley Sr.

Hall of Fame Coach, St. Anthony High School (NJ)

“You don’t get lucky and end up in the NBA. You have to work hard and prepare yourself at the highest level. My Dr. Dish shooting machine has given me a competitive edge with its innovative technology and versatility!”

Langston Galloway

NBA Player, Detroit Pistons

“Dr. Dish has made profound leaps in training technology”

Greg McDermott

Head Men's Basketball Coach , Creighton University

“I’ve never seen a machine yet that motivates our players this much to get in the gym to perform and work harder to improve their game.”

Ernie Kent

Head Men's Basketball Coach, Washington State University

“In 21 years of training some of the best players in the game, I had never used a shooting machine – until now. The things the Dr. Dish can do are incredible and allows our players to get in great workouts efficiently and effectively. The Skill Builder option is terrific. It is an ideal machine for training and getting players better at every level.”

Joe Abunassar

Founder & Pro Skills Trainer, Impact Basketball

“Dr. Dish Training Management System paired with our All-Star shooting machine, allows us to track player stats and trends. This has promoted competition and excitement within our team. Our players and staff love Dr. Dish.”

Mike Dunlap

Head Men's Basketball Coach, Loyola Marymount University

“Dr. Dish shooting machines paired with Skill Builder have helped my boys rapidly accelerate their skill development. No other shooting machine out there will hold players accountable and help players train with purpose like Dr. Dish. One of the best investments I’ve made in a long time!”

Juwan Howard

19 Year NBA Veteran

“Our coaching staff expects the best from all of our players. We expect them to give everything they have when they step onto the court each day. Our Dr. Dish shooting machine gives our players the chance to exceed our expectations by providing the highest level of versatility in training and detailed analytics.”

Tim Jankovich

Head Men's Basketball Coach, Southern Methodist University

“When we upgraded our shooting machines, we wanted the best value, the most analytical capabilities, and maximum versatility. Dr. Dish delivers all of this and more. We’re now able to track each shooting session digitally to make smarter training and coaching decisions.”

James Jones

Head Men's Basketball Coach, Yale University

“Dr. Dish Skill Builder is the best way to develop complete players faster. Best of all, my kids and players love using the machine to challenge themselves and track their progress. This is a game-changer!”

Matt Harpring

Former 11-year NBA Player, Utah Jazz Color Commentator

“The Dr. Dish Skill Builder program is like none other. It’s cutting edge, it’s state-of-the-art, it’s going to be great for our team.”

June Daugherty

Head Women's Basketball Coach, Washington State University

“We always want to know what our players are working on and if they’re improving. Dr. Dish Skill Builder allows us to see the exact workouts and how they’re progressing. We’re thrilled to have this machine in our program. There’s nothing else like this out there!”

Katie Meier

Head Women's Basketball Coach, University of Miami

“Tracking accountability has always been a struggle especially in the off-season. With Dr. Dish Skill Builder I can not only know they’re in the gym and track their progress, but I know they are training with a purpose.”

Rodney Billups

Head Men's Basketball Coach, University of Denver

“Our goal is to get better as a team each and everyday. We’re able to promote competition using the Dish while continuing to push the envelope training wise with Skill Builder. There is nothing out there like it and Dr. Dish has really taken complete training to the next level!”

Jeff Walz

Head Women's Basketball Coach, University of Louisville

“Dr. Dish is the first machine I’ve ever worked with that allows our coaching staff to tailor customized workouts to different players with different skill sets. Our Dr. Dish shooting machine helps provide our players the opportunity to maximize their potential.”

Larry Eustachy

Head Men's Basketball Coach, Colorado State University

“Dr. Dish provides more than just a shooting machine and reps. The Dr. Dish Training Management System is the most comprehensive way to keep our players accountable and see how they’re progressing when they train.”

Ryun Williams

Head Women's Basketball Coach, Colorado State University

“Our AAU program is responsible for taking the most talented and highly touted youth players and developing them into the best versions of themselves. Dr. Dish shooting machines help us effectively train every aspect of the game and most importantly gives us the ability to prepare our players for the next level.”

Boo Williams

AAU Basketball Coaching Legend, Boo Williams AAU

“Dr. Dish is the most advanced shooting tool that I’ve used. Nothing can replace repetition and Dr. Dish helps make those reps as game-like as possible.”

Lindsay Whalen

WNBA Player, Minnesota Lynx

“Our Dr. Dish All-Star has brought a breath of fresh air to our team. The players truly enjoy training on the Dish and getting after it!”

Dave Paulsen

Head Men's Basketball Coach, George Mason University

“Training hard and at game speed is crucial for success in college basketball. Dr. Dish shooting machines provide game-like reps that help us train game-like situations. We love the unique training capabilities it has and truly appreciate the advancements Dr. Dish has made in the shooting machine category!”

David Richman

Head Men's Basketball Coach, North Dakota State University

“Our coaches are often recruiting and handling business that comes with being a college coach. Dr. Dish shooting machines and Skill Builder give us a peace of mind knowing that we can send workouts to our players directly and immediately see feedback after the workout is complete. Nothing else out there like it!”

MaChelle Joseph

Head Women's Basketball Coach, Georgia Tech

“Dr. Dish had much better features for what we were looking for in a shooting machine than the competition. We’ve been really satisfied with what Dr. Dish has done for our program.”

Andrew May

Director of Men's Basketball Operations, Brigham Young University

“Goal setting is essential for our improvement. With Dr. Dish we set goals, track progress, and encourage faster improvement with our players and program as a whole.”

Jose Fernandez

Head Women's Basketball Coach, University of South Florida

“Once I bit the bullet and gave the Dr. Dish All-Star a try, I immediately regretted not doing it sooner. It has allowed us to compress time-frames which, in our industry, has significant value. Time is everything. What once took 1 hour and 30 mins to complete can now be done in 30 minutes! Also, inevitably, as player development coaches we adjust to our athletes. As they start to fatigue we start to slow the pace as well. You can’t cheat the Dr. Dish. You HAVE to match the tempo setting!”

Dorian Lee

Professional Skills Trainer, Bball 101 - Elite Player Development

“Basketball City offers the highest level training on the East Coast and we continue to make sure we provide efficient and reliable training equipment to our players and coaches. Dr. Dish continues to innovate training in the basketball community and we are ecstatic we made the choice to get our Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machines!”

Michael Collins

Youth Basketball Director, Basketball City @ Pier 36

“Trying to maximize every minute in practice can be tough at times and is an important piece to success during the season. Our Dr. Dish shooting machine helps us maximize reps, set goals and get the most out of drills during practice!”

Stephanie White

Head Women's Basketball Coach, Vanderbilt University

“Tracking accountability has always been a struggle especially in the off-season. With Skill Builder and Dr. Dish Training Management System, I can thoroughly track player progress over time. I also have the peace of mind knowing my players are training hard and with a purpose.”

Joanne Boyle

Head Women's Basketball Coach, University of Virginia

“Dr. Dish allows us to work on more than just shooting. We use Dr. Dish to work on ball handling, finishing, and post play. It’s truly a versatile training machine!”

Jim Flannery

Head Women's Basketball Coach, University of Creighton

“This is a special machine for coaches. There is a vast improvement compared to the competitor. We are extremely thrilled to work with Dr. Dish at Coaching U and we’re excited that they are taking off in the industry!”

Brendan Suhr

Longtime NBA and College Coach , Founder of Coaching U

“The decision to choose Dr. Dish shooting machines was an easy one to make after doing our research. The Polar Heart rate monitor allows us to correlate shooting percentage with intensity level. This gives us valuable data come game day!”

Jeff Judkins

Head Women's Basketball Coach, Brigham Young University

“Dr. Dish is the best shooting tool on the market, a tool that I use everyday from Professionals all the way to beginners. Its efficiency and versatility is something
that makes it so unique and special.”

Jordan Lawley

Pro Skills Trainer, Jordan Lawley Basketball

“When we upgraded to Dr. Dish machines, the superior versatility and functionality was immediately apparent.”

Josh Pridokas

Basketball Program Manager, IMG Academy

“Dr. Dish has been invaluable to our individual skill development. It has helped our post players, our guards, our ball handling, and passing. It’s been a great addition to our program.”

Stacie Terry

Head Women's Basketball Coach, San Diego State University

What Our Customers Are Saying