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“As the game becomes more analytical, we’re always looking at ways to innovate. Dr. Dish gives us data and analytics to improve faster than ever.”

Mike White

Head Men's Basketball Coach, University of Florida

“The ability for Dr. Dish to provide high-repetition training for our guards AND post players made it the obvious choice for us.”

Billy Kennedy

Head Men's Basketball Coach , Texas A&M

“I want to continue to give my coaching staff and players the opportunity to maximize their potential. Our Dr. Dish shooting machine has helped our coaches efficiently and effectively track player progress and our Dish gives us another edge in training and player skill development. Dr. Dish is the real deal!”

Scott Drew

Head Men's Basketball Coach, Baylor University

“The ability to incorporate individual, group, and team drills on a shooting machine was big for us. Not to mention being able to work on shooting, advanced ball-handling, post training and more. Dr. Dish was definitely an upgrade for our program.”

Larry Krystkowiak

Head Men's Basketball Coach, University of Utah

“Dr. Dish Skill Builder develops more than just shooters. It helps us develop complete and versatile players as we incorporate ball-handling and performance drills as well as shooting.”

Mick Cronin

Head Men's Basketball Coach, University of Cincinnati

“Dr. Dish has made profound leaps in training technology”

Greg McDermott

Head Men's Basketball Coach , Creighton University

“When we upgraded our shooting machines, we wanted the best value, the most analytical capabilities, and maximum versatility. Dr. Dish delivers all of this and more. We’re now able to track each shooting session digitally to make smarter training and coaching decisions.”

James Jones

Head Men's Basketball Coach, Yale University

“I’ve never seen a machine yet that motivates our players this much to get in the gym to perform and work harder to improve their game.”

Ernie Kent

Head Men's Basketball Coach, Washington State University

“One size does not fit all when it comes to training individual players. With Dr. Dish Skill Builder, I can now tailor specific workouts to my guards, forwards, and post players.”

Tad Boyle

Head Men's Basketball Coach, University of Colorado

“Our Dr. Dish All-Star has brought a breath of fresh air to our team. The players truly enjoy training on the Dish and getting after it!”

Dave Paulsen

Head Men's Basketball Coach, George Mason University

“Training hard and at game speed is crucial for success in college basketball. Dr. Dish shooting machines provide game-like reps that help us train game-like situations. We love the unique training capabilities it has and truly appreciate the advancements Dr. Dish has made in the shooting machine category!”

David Richman

Head Men's Basketball Coach, North Dakota State University

“You don’t get lucky and end up in the NBA. You have to work hard and prepare yourself at the highest level. My Dr. Dish shooting machine has given me a competitive edge with its innovative technology and versatility!”

Langston Galloway

NBA Player, Detroit Pistons

“Dr. Dish is the most advanced shooting tool that I’ve used. Nothing can replace repetition and Dr. Dish helps make those reps as game-like as possible.”

Lindsay Whalen

WNBA Player, Minnesota Lynx

“Dr. Dish had much better features for what we were looking for in a shooting machine than the competition. We’ve been really satisfied with what Dr. Dish has done for our program.”

Andrew May

Director of Men's Basketball Operations, Brigham Young University

“Between the analytical data and the ability to use the machine as a passer on the perimeter, Dr. Dish is the best game-like training tool I use with my players.”

Drew Hanlen

NBA Skills Trainer, Pure Sweat Basketball

“Dr. Dish is the best tool for getting game speed shooting drills. This is the best way for players to be help accountable for the way they workout.”

Bob Hurley Sr.

Hall of Fame Coach, St. Anthony High School (NJ)

“The decision to choose Dr. Dish shooting machines was an easy one to make after doing our research. The Polar Heart rate monitor allows us to correlate shooting percentage with intensity level. This gives us valuable data come game day!”

Jeff Judkins

Head Women's Basketball Coach, Brigham Young University

“Dr. Dish allows us to work on more than just shooting. We use Dr. Dish to work on ball handling, finishing, and post play. It’s truly a versatile training machine!”

Jim Flannery

Head Women's Basketball Coach, University of Creighton

“When we upgraded to Dr. Dish machines, the superior versatility and functionality was immediately apparent.”

Josh Pridokas

Basketball Program Manager, IMG Academy

“Goal setting is essential for our improvement. With Dr. Dish we set goals, track progress, and encourage faster improvement with our players and program as a whole.”

Jose Fernandez

Head Women's Basketball Coach, University of South Florida

“Dr. Dish Skill Builder is the best way to develop complete players faster. Best of all, my kids and players love using the machine to challenge themselves and track their progress. This is a game-changer!”

Matt Harpring

Former 11-year NBA Player, Utah Jazz Color Commentator

“The Dr. Dish Skill Builder program is like none other. It’s cutting edge, it’s state-of-the-art, it’s going to be great for our team.”

June Daugherty

Head Women's Basketball Coach, Washington State University

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